About us

Globe Publishing is a danish publishing house. We mainly work with non-fiction titles.
Our mission is simple – to create innovative, informative and engaging book sets that will appeal to children, parents and childcare takers/teachers alike. The book sets are specifically designed to:


  • make learning exciting, stimulating and fun for children
  • encourage a strong dialogue between adult and child
  • encourage early learning through the play element


We create and own our proprietary content. We sell book sets across 40 countries through a variety of traditional and non-traditional channels, while constantly looking for new ways to create and deliver content that can enrich the lives of children around the world.
We are located north of Copenhagen. You can find us at the address:

Globe Publisher A/S
Skodsborgvej 305 D
2850 Naerum
Tel: +45 70151400
Fax: +45 70151410
CVR: 19401480